You have found your confidant - best friend - sexy beast - love of your life kind of spouse and now you have rounded up your dearest family and friends to come together in celebration of your love through marriage. 

...Forever starts here...

Your wedding day will bring with it a series of captivating emotions from laughter to tears, as well as every feeling in between. It will be beautiful, personal and exhilarating start to finish! Memories made on that day will be cherished for years to come - undoubtedly as some of your best - making this one of the most important, if not the most important, times to work with professional photographers. We cannot articulate it enough, that it is vital to have your memories preserved by photographers you both admire and are comfortable with. We love getting to know each of you individually and together as a couple to establish and grow that comfort with you! We love this part so much, that we often feel like those cool friends you didn't know you had, until we were there for you when it mattered most.  

    Every wedding is an adventure and we want to help you retell your best stories! Our price menu below is a fabulous guide detailing some of what we offer as packages. Through our personal consultations, we can create the ultimate package for you as we get best acquainted with you and your vision for your wedding day.

Prices may change to accommodate customization. All prices are in CAD and subject to applicable taxes.